Why choose ecoGEO heat pump?

SAVINGS. Ecoforest heat pumps substantially increase savings, not only because they are highly ef cient day after day and reduce CO2 emissions, but because of ecoGEO technology and control strategies. Ecoforest heat pump installation is simple, compact and economic, an improvement over other heat pumps on the market because the user can forego certain components that would be essential in the installation of a traditional heat pump.

LOCAL RESOURCE. Heat pumps take most of the energy they need from their surrounding environment. Although they still have to be connected to the mains, they do not need to be supplied with any type of fuel, increasing user convenience and comfort. Likewise, they do not generate ames or smoke and provide a comprehensive heating system with little or no visual impact.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE. The technology used by Ecoforest heat pumps is the same as a normal refrigerator, providing them with long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.

MINIMAL NOISE. Heat pump technology and insulation reduce noise levels to those of a common household appliance. Between 35 and 46 dB.

SAFETY. No combustion means no ames or smoke. In addition, the ecoGEO heat pump is totally monitored by the software, security shutdowns take place in the event of machine or external anomalies.

MINIMAL VISUAL IMPACT. None of the components in the geothermal con guration are visible. In the aerothermal or hybrid con guration, the air unit can be hidden appropriately to reduce the impact.

HOLISTIC SYSTEM. Ecoforest programming allows an integral management of the entire installation from the control screen. Ecoforest control allows user-friendly con guration of the entire system.

ecoGEO heat pumps

Outdoor temperature control

Possibility to operate according to the outdoor temperature. The possibility to switch between WINTER/SUMMER modes manually or automatically. The option of switching between the HEATING/COOLING operating modes automatically by reading the accumulated outdoor temperature (this setting can be changed).


Another signifi cant advantage of the ecoGEO heat pumps by Ecoforest is that their software is designed to be user-friendly. This enables quick and easy start-ups since the customer does not need tedious technical explanations.


The possibility of viewing all the operation and performance information is an important advantage. All the data of the refrigeration circuit, hydraulics or component status, etc. can be viewed on the screen.


The operating ranges have been optimised (operation map) to reach more operating conditions in different instalations.


The heat pumps are equipped with energy and performance meters for: instantaneous, daily, monthly and annual periods


The wide modulation range makes possible to avoid having to install the typical buffer storage tanks in most facilities.


Our defrost technology makes us unique, since it does not need electrical heaters. An additional exchanger is enough to carry out heat exchange with the circuit of choice -the heating circuit, swimming pool circuit or DHW. This operating mode carries out defrost with a minimal effect on the comfort temperature of the service used to contribute the energy.


The ecoGEO control adapts to the ideal conditions of the comfort zone, thereby enabling a rational use of the energy consumed. It provides the building with what it needs at all times.


Ecoforest can provide a wide range of products to cover from 3 kW to 600 kW. In each model, the range of modulation can reach up to 25%, a differential fact.


Control of 4 outlet groups (3 shunts groups and 1 direct) in domestic ecoGEO installations and up to 30 groups in high-power units.

  • Control over the pool.
  • Control over zone and modulating valves.
  • Control of heaters.
  • Depending on the installation.


The use of this technique for collection and thermal production becomes more and more interesting every day. ecoGEO software can be used to manage both.


Some installations require simultaneous production of COOLING+HEATING. The high power ecoGEO range can provide this thanks to probe, valve and circulator pump control that can be used to generate the specifi c energy at any time and distribute excess energy to the collection circuit.


The option of placing intakes at the top or rear of theequipment (domestic product range). Condensate drain pans. A hydraulic system that is easy to access (domestic and HP product range). The option of using the desuperheater in the domestic product range. HTR system. Improved acoustic insulation. Large pipe diameter, lower load losses. Electrical cards that are easy to connect. The domestic product range is completely equipped with circulator pumps, expansion vessels, etc.

Gestión ACS

Control of DHW recirculation. Simultaneous production of: COOLING and HEATING. The compact model includes a 3/4” intake for recirculation. Generation of up to 70ºC with the heat pump, without electrical heaters and with HTR technology. SEE CHART 3. HTR: High Temperature Recovery. Increase in overall performance of the system by using more thermal energy with the same compressor consumption.


In HP range, several heat pumps placed in “parallel” can be managed by the Supervisor; contrary to other cascade controls, the Supervisor distributes the number of hours of operation and the point of maximum effi ciency. In other words, a given amount of power is provided by several pumps running at their highest COP point, instead of a single heat pump. The domestic product range can use 3 heat pumps in cascade without a supervisor.

bomba de calor 



The energy revolution the geothermal heat pump ecoGEO solar

geotermia solar

The power electronics of our heat pump ecoGEO SOLAR, has been designed with the most advanced components on the market:

  1. It has a software or specific module of intelligent energy management, which offers the highest efficiency and capacity of transient overvoltage. It is able to work simultaneously with the electrical system connection, with renewable energy, with a generator, with the charging of an electric vehicle, and with storage of batteries to provide a continuous source of energy.
  2. It incorporates a dynamic algorithm of maximum power point tracking (MPPT), which is designed to maximize the energy obtained from the solar field. It does not interrupt the storage of energy to conduct a monitoring of the photovoltaic solar installation. This feature is beneficial in all light conditions, especially in areas with variable cloud coverage and solar conditions that rapidly change.
  3. Maximum output of electrical current up to 45°C, without reduction in power because of thermal causes, due to the cooling design of the highly reliable power electronics.
  4. Selectable charging algorithms of two or three stages, with manual equalization to maximize the system performance and prolong the life of the batteries in the case of a system configuration with storage.
  5. Interactive high-resolution touch screen with Scada system and a built-in web server for configuration and monitoring of the system.
  6. Incoming protection against overvoltage and undervoltage, outgoing protection against overcurrents and protection against feedback (inverse intensity). Built-in protection against ground faults of the solar photovoltaic field.
  7. The system incorporates an electrical vehicle recharge point with the latest standards and technologies in the industry. Our power electronics have subroutines of operation for intelligent and sustainable management of the vehicle charge. It has adjustable dynamic upload charge speed, ensuring a balanced use of the consumption of the entire system.