Thermal Engineering

We get every ounce of energy out of the fuel

Heating systems and equipment design is based on the knowledge of the heat transfer processes and method of calculating the speed at which time they occur. Being on the cutting edge technology is the result of our designers’ work and the results of the tests in our laboratories, which are equipped with the latest technology.


Proprietary technology

One of our main competitive advantages lies in the innovative electronic combustion-control, key to energy efficiency, which is talked about increasingly. Over 20 years of experience guarantee the work of Ecoforest's electronics department, which continually develops the specific proprietary technology our products require. There is only one way for renewable energy, and that is energy efficiency. In this sense, each year we grow prouder of our product and the returns on our investment in R & D.


Materials and processes define product life

The Materials Engineering team is constantly working on specific projects in cooperation with specialised technology centres. The mechanical and chemical properties of materials, and the processing and testing of these constitute a constant challenge, both in primary processes (casting, forging, rolling, etc..) and in processes in which semi-finished material is involved (welding, painting, etc.).