Our mission: commitment to the environment

Energy prices are constantly rising, the climate is changing and fossil fuels are dwindling. We talk about protecting the environment and scarce resources; governments, regions and even builders and architectural firms are increasingly searching for alternative energy sources. The reason for this search is very simple, the future belongs to sustainable energy: air, sun, earth and water - practically inexhaustible resources that are at our disposal.

Using the resources that nature gives efficiently and making them accessible to everyone, is our responsibility for a better world.

Our values:


We are honest and take responsibility for our actions. Respect and sincerity towards all our employees has been the basis of our success, and has driven us forward till today.

Environment, Health and Safety

We work safely, seeking the welfare of the people and the conservation of the environment.


We support our customers' success by creating exceptional value through innovative products and providing solutions to market demands.


We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, at all stages of our value chain.


We work in different cultures, respect people and believe in team work and equal opportunities.

Energy saving and efficiency

We are highly committed to energy saving and reducing environmental impact, so our designs are based on energy efficiency criteria, in order to maximise the heating value of every ounce of fuel.


We are accountable –individually and as a team– for our behaviour, actions and results.