ECOFOREST technology for high power installations

The ECOFOREST high-power range of heat pumps allows substantial savings thanks to Inverter technology and ecoGEO control strategies.

The possibility of installations up to 600kW in cascade, combined with the simultaneous production of cooling and heating, make the ecoGEO HP heat pump a very powerful and efficient tool for installations where the energy demands are high.

Our R & D department has developed control software, which makes the ecoGEO ground source heat pumps the most intelligent and flexible on the market. This, unlike usual, allows us to adapt the heat pump to the installation, not the other way around.

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ECOFOREST Technology


The EASYNET connection allows a quick and easy control of the heat pump from anywhere in the world.


The ecoGEO HP1 model has the possibility of simultaneous production of heating and cooling.


The control strategies developed by ECOFOREST, allow to manage up to 5 shunt groups per heat pump.


Cascade management up to 6 units. It allows power modulations in the installation of 90% and manage up to 30 shunt groups.



Up to 600 kW of power in CASCADE


ECOFOREST control technology allows to manage up to 6 heat pumps. This control allows the heat pumps to work together within the range of modulation that contributes a greater efficiency to the whole, in addition to allocating the working hours of each pump.